Community Administration


     Fernández & Asociados offers you a comprehensive service for the management of your Community of Owners. Through a detailed preliminary study of the community will provide you the best services and solutions for an effective management of your community.


    The services that the team qualified Fernández & Asociados can offer the community are our guarantee of quality:


 • Services of Property Administration in several languages: in addition to Spanish, Fernández & Asociados Management provides services in English, so as to avoid problems of understanding with non national owners.

• Transparency in management: the revenue plan and annual expenditure of the
community will always be available to owners for any questions you may need. 

• Accessibility of our professionals: through regular meetings with the
president of the community, we guarantee the perfect operation, maintenance,
maintenance and repair of facilities and services on your Community. 

• Use of new technologies: through our website you will be able to access to
all the documentation of your community, from the statutes, the next Annual
General Meeting (A.G.M), or your statement. Each owner dispose of a personal
password that allows you to stay informed wherever you are. 

• Efficacy and supervision, our team will monitor the need for extensive
repairs on the community, changes in maintenance, etc., through periodic
inspections with a member of the Community.

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